Action Tags

Server Side Scripting Language

Action Tags is a server side scripting language. Server side scripting languages are used to connect web pages to databases. PHP, Microsoft ASP and Cold Fusion are all examples of server side scripting languages. Action Tags can be used with or instead of any of these. Action Tags provide the same functionality the same way.

The Action Tags processor ( is a CGI Perl script so the web server must provide Perl and CGI capability. Action Tags accesses databases using the Perl DBI module, which also must be installed.

Action Tag Documentation

Like all server side scripting languages, Action tags are embedded into HTML documents. Action tags provide the ability to access the name value inputs from a form and to access databases. This section describes how to install the Action Tags processor and introduces the user to the syntax and semantics of the language.

The Action Tags processor provides 56 functions to make site development easier. Function names are not case sensitive: Append Table: appendtable, Column Name: colname, Column Number: colnum, Count Substrings: count, Calendar Time: ct, Date Format: date, Delete Files: delete, Escape String: escape, Variable Type: exists, File List: filelist, Get Cookie: getcookie, Generate .htpasswd password: htpasswd, HTTP GET: httpget, HTTP POST: httppost, Index Position of Substring: index, Integer Convert: int, Interpret Macro: interpret, Lower Case: lc, Length of String: length, Macro Define: macro, MySQL Date Format: myd, MySQL Date/Time Format: mydt, MySQL Time Format: myt, Number Comma Format Convert: ncf, Define New Record Set: newrecset, Print File: print, Quote Meta Convert: quotemeta, Random Number: rand, Read File: read, Record Index of Key: recindex, Record Set Declaration: recset, Repeat String: rept, Resequence Array: resequence, Right Index Position of Substring: rindex, Remove Directory: rmdir, Set Column Name and Number: setcol, Set Cookie: setcookie, Sort Record Set: sort, String Print Format: sprintf, SQL Command: sql, SQL String Format: sqlf, Statistics of File: stat, Subfield of String Array: subfield, String Substitute: substitute, Substring: substr, Time Alias: ta, Table to Text: tabletotext, Tab Delimited Text File Read: tabtext, Text to Table: texttotable, Trim: trim, Upper Case: uc, Unescape: unescape, Delete Files: unlink, Unix Time: ut, Variable Declaration: var, Write Tab File: wtabtext. Date Formats for the date function.

Variables must be declared before they are used. Variables are implicitly declared if they are assigned a value or they can be explicitly declared using the var function. Explicitly declaring a variable does not change its value if it already has one. Variables are case sensitive. Variables are all global in scope. Record sets should also be declared using the recset function although they are implicitly defined when executing a function that writes to a record set (e.g., sql, textToTable).

There are also 33 system variables (which are case sensitive): Action Tags Script Name: _action, Append Block To File: _append, Content Type HTTP Header: _contentType, Debug Display: _debug, Email Block: _email, Encode Block: _encode, Erase Block: _erase, Exit Block: _exit, Write Block to File: _file, Set Line Limit: _lineLimit, Set Location HTTP Header: _location, Set Loop Limit: _loopLimit, Set Mail Server: _mailServer, No Warnings: _noWarnings, Null Name: _nullName, Number of Records: _numRecs, Path: _path, Remove Periods: _periods, Password: _pw, Replace Tags: _replaceTags, Replace Variables: _replaceValues, Resources: _resources, RFC Time: _rfctime, Set Sendmail: _sendmail, Remove Spaces: _spaces, SQL DBI Drivers: _sql, Set SQL Database: _sqlDatabase, Set SQL Password: _sqlPassword, Set SQL User: _sqlUser, Template: _template, Terminate: _terminate, Unix Time: _time, Number of Fields (Columns): _numFields

Language Specification
The Action Tags processor uses a recursive decent parser written in Perl. This section specifies the language syntax in BNF.

Source Code
The Action Tags processor uses a recursive decent parser written in Perl. Download the latest version. Adding an .htaccess file allows for .atm files to be executed.

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