Action Tags


Action tags are coded commands that can be inserted into HTML documents to provide dynamic content. Action tags begin with a "left-curly percent" {% and end with a "right-curly" } character. For example, action tag: {% HTTP_HOST } in an HTML document is replaced with the domain name of the webserver: Action tag: {% date ( 'M d, Y' ) } displays the current date: Oct 23, 2017.

Installing the Action Tags Processor

Downloading the Perl script

Apache on Unix/Linux

Microsoft IIS on Windows

Action Tag Documents

Action tag documents are just HTML documents with one or more action tags in them. For example, a simple action tag in a document to display the date and time would be as follows:

Hello world. The time is {% date ( 'g:i:s A T' ) }.

produces ...

Hello world. The time is 11:55:30 PM HST.

Action Tags

There are variable tags and block tags. Variable tags are used to output text in a document or to assign values to names. Variable tags are "self contained" starting with {% and ending with }. Block tags start with {% *, {% ) or {% (. Block tags signify the start and end of logical blocks of text and tags. Blocks can be repeated or conditionally excluded. Blocks can also be stored to a file or emailed.

Output Tags

Output tags are used to output name values in a document. For example, the following example shows how to create a link to the home page that will work on any server.

<a href="http://{% HTTP_HOST }/">Home</a>

produces ...

<a href="">Home</a>

Assignment Tags

Output tags are used to output name values in a document. In the following example, the name YEAR is set equal to 1975. Then YEAR is displayed.

{% YEAR = 1975 }The year is now {% YEAR }

produces ...

The year is now 1975

Block and Conditional Block Tags

Block tags allow you to conditionally process blocks.

While Loop Tags

While tags allow you to repeat a block until some condition is reached.

For Loop Tags

For tags allow you to repeat a block for each record of a record set.



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