Calendar Time

Type: function

Returns: 14-digit integer

Description: Unix time is converted into calendar time and the 14-digit integer is returned. Unix time is the number of seconds since 12:00 AM January 1, 1970 GMT (the epoch). Calendar time is a 14 digit integer consisting of the four digit year followed by the 2 digit month, then 2 digit day of the month then the 2 digit hour of the day, 2 digit minutes and 2 digit seconds. If the Unix time is not specified the current time and day are used.

 ct ( [ <unix time> ] )

Example 1:

Displayed Text:
Right now is 20180123214545

Action Tag:
Right now is {% ct ( ) }

Example 2:

Displayed Text:
The Unix epoch was 19691231140000 seconds ago.

Action Tag:
The Unix epoch was {% ct ( 0 ) } seconds ago.



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November 20, 2003

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